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We are seeing reports that the degree calendar is not saving entered degrees. This is being looked into and will be fixed ASAP.

IPSD Steve Comm shares his final thoughts

Please click here to read the last SD blog entry from our worthy IPSD, Steve Comm.

Site Training Videos

Site training videos are now online on the Forms and Links page.
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A Message from our General Agent, Dan Schachle

Strive for Star Council status

As we welcome a new calendar year, we congratulate all Worthy Grand Knights and all the other dedicated Knights elected and appointed to lead our great councils on a hard- fought beginning to the fraternal year. The coming close of the year will be full of triumphs and challenges, and I know you’ll meet this with the strength and faithfulness of those before you.

I’m sure you have a list of goals and objectives that you intend to accomplish in the next six months, building upon the success of previous years. You have my assurance that I’m eager to help.

Among these many goals is the attainment of the Star Council award - the most prestigious award the Order offers at the council level. While I’m committed to helping on the insurance side, I’m also very glad to help on the membership side as well.

If you know an eligible Catholic man who might be interested in joining the Order as many of us do, he’s probably waiting to be asked. I can help you, either by approaching him myself, having your local agent approach him, or by teaching you and your team some sales skills that you can use to recruit him and other prospects. As always, our agency is at your service.

Let’s get an early start this second half on attaining those goals and objectives that are so critical to the growth of any council.

EWTN Interviews Chris Lewis regarding the American Wheelchair Mission

EWTN's Raymond Arroyo recently interviewed Chris Lewis about the American Wheelchair Mission and their close partnership with the Knights of Columbus. You can view the entire interview here!

Convention Updates

The updated information about the Ladies' Program and the application to sell Knights' merchandise at the State Convention have been posted.

Basketball Free Throw Challenge

The Basketball Free Throw Challenge Regional Competitions have been rescheduled for this Sunday, January 31, 2016. Download the full information about the Regional competitions here.

Roundtables - By PSD Bob Rounsefell

When I was doing Roundtable work for the North Carolina state council back in 1970 to 1976, the Order then called the program “Mini Councils”. At the time for want of anything better it sounded good, and to an extent made sense when you considered that the little one was an extension or offspring of the main council. Supreme thought about it and came up with a far better one – Round Tables – which if you consider the theme of “Knights” made far better sense and thus the title was born.

What has yet to be born and understood are the advantages of the program and the benefit to all involved. For some unknown reason councils and council officers fail to recognize it and therefore fail to adopt the program wherever and whenever it is appropriate to do so.

One would hope that a major concern to all councils is membership – the continuing growth of the council which leads to the continuing growth of the state and thus the Order. The establishment of Round Tables in a nearby parish which is not sufficiently large enough to have its own provides opportunity to gain members with little effort. There may be former members in that parish, reactivate them; perhaps there are individuals who are interested in the Order, sign them up! The pastor will appreciate the help, for when he has a problem that is too big for the parishioners to handle he can call on the members of the parent council for assistance. He will soon see the advantage of having a council of his own and will aid you in working towards that goal as the parish grows.

When that day arrives the host council will not be penalized for the loss of members. In the meanwhile you have enlarged your council, contributed to the growth of the Order and probably re-energized some former knights. It’s a win-win program. All it takes is a little research as to what mission parishes are close to you.

Whose responsibility is it to find these opportunities you may ask? Well, technically everybody, but that’s an oxymoron. Basically it’s the membership committee aided by the District Deputy. A good DD studies his district searching for opportunities and upon finding them will approach the appropriate council for assistance.

Our state quota for roundtables is 25 and it has been a good number of years since we have achieved that or anywhere near that. Those years that we did we had a growth of new councils. To quote an old adage, “Try it – You’ll like it”.

Bob Rounsefell, New Council Development Director